We are all too familiar with the following.
Floating with the current and waiting on the bite, something starts to happen. The birds start to gather, filling the sky in the distance. You rip the lines into the boat at record speed. The hammer drops and the roar of the engine heightens the excitement. As you approach the water is churning and you can only imagine the carnage that is taking place below the surface as the winged predators take advantage from above. As your lure hits the water, your eyes widen and your body tenses for the ferocious STRIKE!

Whether fishing in a bay or 50 miles off shore, or fishing any one of the many coasts around the world, there is nothing we can relate to more as fishermen or be more excited about than the sight of a BAIT BALL that gets all of our fishing hearts pumping.

We are all “LIVIN FOR THE STRIKE!”®; see you on the water.